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Suzumi-Kind, Sweet, Talented
Congratulations! You're most like Suzumi! A kind,
sweet, and talented girl!

Which Ayashi No Ceres Bishoujo are you? (For Girls)
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Главное - не Айя! :)

Aki-Gentle, Kind, Expressive
Congrats! You're most like Aki! A gentle, kind,
and expressive guy!

Which Ayashi No Ceres Bishounen are you? (For Boys)
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Кругом сплошное kind... Ну опять-таки, главное - не Шизо или этот, все время забываю как его... Кагами?
Welcome to the dark side! You are a true otaku.
Congrats! ^_^

Otaku, or just pathetic?
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Ну, ради фразы "welcome to the dark side" это стоило и пройти :) Хотя на некоторые вопросы честно отвечал от балды...
You are Rei II
You are "Rei I"

Which Piece Of Evangelion Theme Music Are You?
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М-м... а причем тут музыка? И разве Rei I чем-то отличалась от других своих экземпляров?

You are Rei Ayanami, you lack most neccesary people
skills. Surprsingly you've been dead twice
already, and have the soul of another person,
so we can't really blame you. You'd do anything
Commander Ikari asked of you, in the end though
you finally do you're own thing. Talk to
someone, you might be pleasantly surprised what
i can be like. Cheer up ok, others care about

Which Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Are You?
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Еще одна Химемия... хм, до меня только сейчас доперло как они похожи!

You are Shinji. Why so deppressed? Just remember
that your friends are forever. Stop trying so
hard to make things happen and just let them
happen. You'll be ok.

.:|o|:. (Neon Genesis Evangelion) What character are you? .:|o|:.
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Ну конечно. Или Щинджи или Рей, третьего не дано :)

You are Kaoru!
Highly mysterious, no-one really knew about you
when you came to stay.
You ad a crush on Shinji, and slashyness occured
until you both had to battle it out.
You like music and good food, you are compassionate
and loving, and are easily hurt.
Overall, you weren't the bad guy, but you gave
everyone a shock, and tried to destry the
Earth. Maybe next time just stick to sedcing

Which Neon Genisis Evangelion Character Are You?
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Не, надо же, дано! Ура!!!

Shinji Small
Shinji Ikari:
You keep to your close friends, people you can
trust not to hurt. You don't want to be hurt so
you try to make everyone happy with you

What Evangelion Character could you be?
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Хм, да. Опять. Но! Зато какая классная картинка! Впервые вижу такую красивую в тестах...

You are most like Leliel, The mysterious angel of

What Cruel Angel (From Neon Genesis Evangelion) are you?
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Эта лужа с шариком?! Вранье! Kaworu я, Kaworu!!!

Ладно, хватит Евы... Все равно там все тесты одинаковые... и результаты тоже...
Congratulations! You are Setsuna!

Which character from Angel Sanctuary are you?
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Вранье! Тоже мне Сецуну нашли... Скорее я в Киру поверил бы...
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