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Utena Tenjou. You are fiesty and noble, and you
believe in fairness. You are looking for
someone, and you feel uncompleted.

Revolutionary Girl Utena character quiz
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Ah! Utena-sama!!! ^_^

You are Utena!
You're noble. You're pure of heart. You're a little
slow about all the evil men in your life. But
don't worry, things will probably work out in
the end.
Dream on Prince/Princess

Anime - Shoujo Kakumei Utena Character Quiz
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Опять?! Вы мне льстите... ^_^

You're Juri! You're tough, witty, and yet very
elegant and graceful. Outwardly, you seem fine
with the way things in life are, but inwardly
you may wish for something more. It takes a lot
for you to believe in things that can't be
easilly explained.

Which Duelist are you? ( Utena )
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Мда. Путем прохождения многочисленных тестов можно выяснить в конце-концов ответ на вопрос "what Utena character you'll never be". Это если мне всех не подсунут :)

You are Kaoru Miki! Your sister is obsessed with you, but you're a nice boy, gentle and sweet. You are ever in search of yoru Shining Thing.
You are the sweet and talented Kaoru Miki, brother
of Kozue. You're very selfless, and would give
your life for others; but you *can* do things
for the wrong reasons, occasionally. Whenever
meaningful things happen for you, you have the
tendancy to click your stopwatch o.o "Oh,
Miss Himemiya..."

Which Utena Rose Saga Duelist are you?
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Так, еще один в коллекции :) Из парней мой любимый перцонаж по характеру, между прочим... И еще меня жутко прет его привычка щелкать секундомером!!! ^_-

Utena shows cleavage. Fun!
Utena. You are Utena, the good-natured heroine who
wants to be a Prince. Being true to yourself
and your dreams is very important to you.

Good luck at changing the world.

Which Revolutionary Girl Utena Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Черт, неужели я правда на нее так похож?! Впрочем, если результат основан на этом самом "being true to yourself and your dreams", то неудивительно...

Juri Congrats, you're the mature and elegant Juri.

Which Shoujo Kakumei Utena Girl are You?
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Так, ну ЭТО мы уже видели...

You are Broken Utena!

What Kind Of Utena Are You?
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Хи-хи... Сломанная Утена?

Good Person
You're really a good person, aren't you? So,
there's no path for you to take here. This
isn't a place for someone like you.

Are you a Black Rose Duelist? - Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Что, не выдадут мне черную розу? Жалко, они такие красивые ^_^

nothing wrong
You're Miki. Alright, let's lay it down. Start
getting real and throw away your stopwatch or
I'll strangle you. DUDE!!! You're so naive, and
you like ANTHY?! God, she's NOt your shining
thing, dude. But you are pretty darn smart, yo.
And you can play the piano. Play away!

Which Utena Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Да иди ты! Get real, видите ли...

Хм, кажется тесты кончились... преобладают явно Микки и Утена. Хм, ну чего и следовало ожидать...
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