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Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki

First Vista experience

So, now I have brand new PC at work. It had Windows Vista Business pre-installed, and since I use Windows once per half a year, I decided to keep it. But I had to make it usable first. OK, I won't tell how much effort it took me to even make it look usable. Rearranged in a weird way settings and such - that was all expected. The fun part began when I absolutely had to copy Total Commander from my old PC.

After a bit of struggling with network settings and explorer interface, I finally was able to access shared folder on my old PC. So far so good. Now, I imitated a stupid lamer who only knows how to copy and paste with a mouse. Copy, paste. Oops! "You need permission to do that. Access denied to target folder". Well, by this time I got used to Vista's annoying habit of asking permission several times for every action. But usually it was coming with "proceed" choice, but this time there were only "retry" and "cancel". And "retry" didn't do anything good, of course.

OK, I thought, maybe they actually implemented some kind of real permissions in the file system. Maybe I really don't have permission to write to the target folder. I tried to create some files there. OK, no problem. Deleted them. Again, no problem. What the hell is this? After a lot of meaningless attempts to do anything, I finally found myself looking at the damned shared directory's context menu. What didn't I try yet? Oh, this! Zip it! "I cannot zip it here, so I will place zip on the desktop". OK, just do something! Now to the desktop. Oh, yes, it is here! Now, please, wouldn't you be so kind and unzip it? "Where to?" Well, of course to the place where I was trying to copy it to! Done. Really? Really! Wow! And it took me no more than ten minutes. Now, Total Commander starts and copies anything anywhere...

Well, thank you so much uncle Billy. You are always wonderful. Now, on the positive side, Microsoft has actually developed something that encourages user to think a lot! In a somewhat twisted way, though...
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