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Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki

Programming language rating criteria

When thou hearest or readest "programming language X is better than Y", or "programming language X is good, and Y is bad" or even "programming language X is the best", believe it not.

The point is that, when one rateth something, he must choose some of criteria first. It is not that easy for programming language. Let us try to define some of them:

- How easy is it to learn?
- How long taketh it to implement a specific task in it? (Note there is a lot of tasks, so it is not a single criterion.)
- How fast will this implementation run? (Again, a lot of criteria.)
- How portable is it? (Both at the source and binary levels.)
- What kind of tools provideth it? (There is a lot of criteria again, because "tools" may be: libraries for a lot of tasks, code generators, development technologies, etc.)
- How transparent is its syntax?
- ...

Now, when thou takest a real example, first thing thou shouldst do is to learn a lot about these languages, and then came up with criteria to compare them. It should be then obvious what is better and when.

Example: Delphi and C++. Delphi is easy to understand by idiots (+), not portable (-), compileth fast (+), hath a lot of long keywords (-), programs written in it execute at native speed (+), hath no good tools and libraries (-), hath averagely complicated syntax (0). Now, C++ is not that easy to understand by idiots (-), very portable (+), compileth slowly (-), programs written in it execute at native speed (+), hath a lot of good tools and libraries (+, including those for C), hath averagely complicated syntax (0). So, if thou art not considering thyself an idiot, not obsessed with fast compilation and canst live without a lot of keywords (compare "function vasia: int" with "int vasia()"), it should be obvious then that C++ is better without doubt. The main reason for Delphi existence is that it is easy to understand by idiots, yes.

Of course it all may seem a little bit prejudiced. For example, I wrote "hath averagely complicated syntax" for both of languages without any reasoning or explanation. Many would say, "Hey, Delphi is far more better to understand than those 'while ((*s1++ = *s2++) != '\0');'!". Well, that meaneth not that what I have said is nonsense, but simply that thou hast to define criteria for thyself. But in order to do that, thou hast to learn both languages rather than looking at the sources and saying, "Oh, I don't like this *s1++". That is, of course, if thou ever considerest to compare these specific languages by this specific criterion - in my opinion, the very fact that Delphi is importable should be a good enough reason to throw it away without any second thought.

But the point is not that Delphi is far more worse than C++ (although I believe it is so), but that in order to compare something, criteria must be chosen and subjects must be thoroughly studied based on these criteria. Otherwise, it is just meaningless.
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