Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki (ayao) wrote,
Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki

Unix for professionals?

I just realised something about Unix. It is not only for professionals and hackers who love to learn and program. Not at all. I myself successfully use Unix, but I am not even a good programmer nor I like to learn or have fun with it. I am lazy, I like not to learn (although I learn if it can save me from doing extra work), I fully know any programming language not, and I tend to leave job half-done all the time. Imagine, if a person like me can use Unix and be happy with it, how accessible and easy to use this OS should really be, contrary to popular beliefs!

The only thing thou really need to use Unix is some ability to see things how they are, not how they seem to be. Not to the fullest, no, but at least above average level. Is it really that hard? I think so not. But maybe normal humans have another way of thinking.
Tags: it, unix
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