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Новая юзеринфа

Новое обновление юзеринфы. Также возрождение интересов, тоже с новой политикой: в интересы вносится то, что имеет первостепенное значение, то есть не подчинено чему-либо ещё, наиболее общие вещи. К примеру, есть Unix, но нет FreeBSD, поскольку я заинтересован не в частности, а в общности. С другой стороны, альтернативы на равном уровне - попадают в интересы, такие как "free software" и "open source software", хотя это в общем-то один чёрт. Ах да, и интересы - только на английском, ибо что толку повторять одно и то же? Кстати, интерес "resolute acceptance of death" разделён с единственным лжеюзером jesis, никакого отношения к пути самурая не имеющим, но весьма примечательным тем не менее.

Ещё бы понять как теперь журналы переименовывать, а то эти заголовки немного не в кассу стали.

О том, что за зверь такой "Unix bushido" я напишу подробнее чуть позже.


В журнале я пишу как по-русски, так и по-английски. По-русски я пишу то, что на других языках не выразишь, например, лингвистические приколы. По-английски - статьи об информационных технологиях. Остальное - как придётся. Иногда попадается и японский, но его я очень плохо знаю.


I am called Sergey Alexandrovich Tachenov, usually abbreviated simply as "Sergey A. Tachenov". This is my real name. I once chosen name "Alqualos" which in a mix of elven languages Sindarin and Quenya meaneth something like "Swan Snow", "Swan" being an adjective, yes. Now it is much less than name, just meaningless but beautiful identifier that I use as the login name and such. Frankly, I hate my real name, but I believe I have no right to accept not it. In Japanese, foreign names sound horribly, so I have invented name 「黒雪」 (Kuro Yuki), which meaneth "Black Snow". Feel free to call me however thou likest.

I really love archaic English and archaic Japanese, and I try to use archaic English constantly. If thou spotest an error in it, I would be grateful if thou tellest me about it. On the other hand, I like not abbreviations like "haven't", even archaic ones like "'tis". I feel it is disrespectful to words, so I write them in full.

I am searching for the way I call "Unix bushido" to become what I call "Unix samurai". To put it short, it is two-folded path of abandoning one's life, thus accepting death, and searching for enlightenment through operating systems of Unix family and open source software. I have started to search for this way after reading Go Rin No Sho. I have no life, and this hath always was making me suffer, but when I found out that there is a way of death, I thought that it is the only way left for me and started to search for it. And I chose Unix and open source as my lords simply because I believe that it is the right way, and because it is something I can really work with as a programmer.

I am working at the Moscow Mission Control Centre, telemetry service. I am developing various software related to telemetry. It is closed source software, to my shame. To become true Unix samurai it will be necessary to leave MCC one day and start working purely on open source software, but I am not ready for that yet. Or maybe one day I shall even be able to make MCC's software open source, although it is very unlikely, due to security issues.

My favourite tools for software development are C++ language with Qt toolkit, Emacs IDE, Vim text editor, CVS version control system, Doxygen documenting tool, FreeBSD OS. But I believe that in the true Unix way a lot of various tools are necessary, and I try to learn and use them. So far I have used C, PHP, Perl, Java, Emacs Lisp, Unix shell, PostgreSQL, XHTML, CSS, probably more. These all are great tools, well, maybe except for Java–it is somewhat very good, somewhat very bad.

I used to watch a lot of anime to kill my time and cause myself more suffering. Since I have started my search for the Unix bushido, anime became more of a way to let my spirit rest for a while before continuing on my way.

Everybody who wanteth to forcefully steal people's freedom is my enemy, and as Unix samurai I swear to fight them with everything I got. Bill Gates is one of them, of course.

For those who understood not anything: yes, I am crazy, and I am fully aware of that. I am also aware that I am a fool.

That who loveth lj-cut! I beg thy forgiveness for posting large texts uncut. But I believe that lj-cut is for hiding secondary things. I shall use lj-cut for hiding code snippets, lots of pictures or large pictures, and other secondary content. But when content is indivisible meaningful text, I shall not use lj-cut.
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