Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki (ayao) wrote,
Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki

Azureus vs BitTornado: about Java again

And here I thought there is a Java application that does not suck! Being Azureus, of course.

Then one day I found myself playing Doom on Vavoom engine, and noticed that it strangely lags every few seconds for a short period of time. First I thought that it is a Vavoom's problem. But once lags became too bad, I started thinking and checked a 'top'. Shit! X.org was consuming about 6% of the CPU time! Of course, first thing that came to mind was "excellent" Java platform (I did not run anything else suspicious at that time). And really - when I stopped all Azureus downloads, CPU usage dropped down to almost zero, Vavoom started running smoothly and everything was back to normal. Then I suddenly remembered similar lags in MPlayer - I was always thinking that it is either MPlayer's problem or buggy video files and born with it. But, hell, no! Those lags were gone, too!

Now I installed BitTornado and found out that it sucks in many ways compared to Azureus. Namely:

* It does not have any good (its GUI really sucks) way to dynamically control download and upload speeds. I can only specify them when starting up. Okay, so need to restart BitTornado to change speeds. No problem, just have to do it less often.
* It does not remember download/upload ratio. Wow, that is bad! I really want to seed up to 1.0! Well, I can always overdo things a little until I sure, but that is not a very convenient way.
* It does not display much useful information, like how many peers and seeders are out there, what pieces are being downloaded and such. Well, it displays speeds, ETAs and other absolutely necessary information, so I guess it should be enough.
* It does not have any way to partially download a multiple-files torrent (say, 10 episodes of 26). Or is it just that I do not know of one? Looks like I still have to use Azureus for that. A good thing is that I do not need it too often!
* A lot more.

But the main thing is that it:

* Works fine.
* Runs pretty well within a text terminal and not using crazy amount of my CPU time for some useless graphics operations! Really, what the hell was Java (or Azureus) doing with my X server?! This is network P2P application, not some 3D action game or movie player, right? Shit.

Now I miss all those nifty features of the Big And Cool Azureus's GUI, but instead I have all movies and games running smoothly. Resume: as with web browsers, there is no best BitTorrent client yet. Should I show the world the power of the Qt and write one myself - one that works fine, has good GUI but still may be used without GUI at all? Maybe I should. Maybe I shall. But now I am just too lazy for it.

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