Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki (ayao) wrote,
Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki

Cd readability checking brief HOWTO

Hey, just who the hell do you think you are? What?! You wanna find some nifty program to check your fresh-burnt CD-R for errors? You don't need such a program! You really don't. Just type 'find . -type f -print -exec dd if={} of=/dev/null \;' and you're happy. What, too long to type? Hey, pal, just write "alias ckcd='find . -type f -print -exec dd if={} of=/dev/null \;'" in your ~/.bashrc and then type 'ckcd' each time. What? You don't know what ~/.bashrc is? Hey, you're joking, right? Or maybe you're using some king of those nifty shells like ZSh? Wha-at?! You don't know what shell is?! Hey, what the hell are you doing in UNIX then? Oh, you are not in UNIX? Heh. Well, sorry then, pal... go look for your nifty program, I won't bother you anymore...
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