Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki (ayao) wrote,
Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki

It's bad luck to be you

О! Я нашёл песню "It's bad luck to be you"! Лежит в осле, при желании с Razorback 2.0 вполне можно слить. Текст тоже есть, причём во всех вариантах (где бы ещё достать звук тоже во всех версиях, а не только тот Wolves, что в осле).

Рекомендуется всем, для кого слово "избранный" хоть чего-то значит.

Oh, it's bad luck to be you.
A chosen one of many isn't new
When you think you're full of luck
in the bullock's you'll get struck
Oh, it's bad luck to be you.

The wolves over yonder packed a punch
So listen carefully to our hunch
To be the chosen one
Really sound like loads of fun.
But in the end you'll just be someone's lunch.

Oh, it's bad luck to be you.
The prophecy is never coming true
In a pickle you'll be stuck
Like a chicken you'll cluck
Oh, it's bad luck to be you.

Your mourning for this boy was very brief.
You certainly did not show any grief.
You pillaged his cadaver
But in the end it didn't matter
You're nothing but a two-bit common thief

Oh, it's bad luck to be you.
Don't think for just a second it's not true
When your life has run amuck
You'll see that you're the schmuck.
Oh, it's bad luck to be
Really bad luck to be
Nobody could disagree.
It's a freaking guarantee.
Oh, it's bad luck to be you.
Diddly doo.
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