Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki (ayao) wrote,
Ayao "Alqualos" Kuroyuki

Opera 8.01

I suddenly needed to download latest Opera for Windows, and then decided to download latest Opera for Linux as well - just to check whether they made it usable (8.0 was NOT).
Well, I have been surprised! It is good. Really good! Well, maybe there is something I have not noticed yet (I am almost sure), but anyway - this IS what should have been called first stable release of Opera 8, while 8.0 was just beta actually.

Anyway, it is first time in my Opera experience when I have not found any new bugs after few minutes of trying it _and_ all the annoying bugs of previous versions were fixed. Have they finally realized that making good software even better is easier by making it more stable rather than by adding new features?

Well, not everything is so good - they still have not gave up annoying habit of changing keyboard shortcuts with each new version, for example. Why in the world should G become Shift+I and Shift+G become I? Are they thinking that getting used to new shortcuts is that fun? But that's nothing compared to previous versions' bugs, of course.

Oh, and almost forgot - what idiot removed help from distribution?! "Help" menu now leads user to the help on the Opera website. Just wonderful! Especially when your connection is under heavy load... Or when there is no connection at all for some reason.

But summary it is getting better. It is less like KDE now, with its "let's change as much as we can and then fix as much bugs as we can, thus keeping total amount of bugs on approximately constant level!". Not to mention Windows, of course, with its "let's fix the bugs by adding new ones!" ^_-
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